Let us handle your social media properties so you can go back to running your business and make more money!


Bringing on a social media management company is a solution that keeps your outward-facing presences updated and professional.

Dedicated Team

We can provide you with multiple touches on your brand, increasing brand scalability and response efforts as well as providing a 24/7 monitoring.


Outside Perspective

We can bring insights to your business that you wouldn’t discover when managing things in-house. This includes drawing on experience with other clients as well as the fresh minds we apply to the problem.

Social Media Management By Synergist Digital Media

Take the guess work out of running your businesses’ social media pages. We specialize in posting content and managing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other popular platforms!

Social media management is all about managing incoming and outgoing interactions which happen online. Since social media platforms are great places to promote for free, many entrepreneurs use them daily (and often nightly, too!) in order to spread the word about their goods and services.

Our Social Media Management Services Will Help Your Business to Grow

While social media is technically free to use, utilizing it does require time and energy. Time is money. Energy is money, too. If you want to focus on other aspects of your business, rather than monitoring social media accounts all of the time, you’ll find that our social media management services help to take the pressure off. When you let us handle everything social media-related for you, you’ll empower yourself! You’ll have more time to focus on customer service and on implementing your vision for your company’s future.

Since our team knows how to polish the images of companies via strategic and personalised social media management, we will be able to help your business grow. Our social media management services are very affordable and extremely simple to access.

We are a digital marketing firm which is established and reputable and our loyal clients know that we deliver cutting-edge service with a caring, can-do attitude.

Our services are ultra-modern but we believe in old-fashioned customer service…

Our goal is to help our clients get more interactions, more brand recognition, more Web traffic and more conversions. We also want to make our client’s lives easier, by doing the hard work for them.

The value of promoting on social media is extremely high and can be a real difficult task, especially for entrepreneurs who need to “wear many hats” daily in order to keep their businesses running smoothly.

This is where we come in. When you choose us to manage your social media campaign, we’ll create a plan which is designed to build your social media presence, while also promoting greater brand awareness.

We offer full-service social media management. This means that we’ll post to your social media platforms for you, respond to interactions (likes, comments, retweets, etc.) promptly, increase your SEO rankings, showcase your latest products and services and build your online following.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we get analytics and metrics reports of our social media properties?

Since all the social media accounts are under your control (we are just granted access to add content to the properties) you will be able to view KPI and metric reports at any time on any platform you have a presence.

What is the average cost for social media mangement services?

Our social media mangement services start at $1,299 per month but prices vary depending on the needs of a business or organization.

What type of service contracts do you have?

We offer 3 month, 6 month and 1 year contracts with renewal options at the end of each term.

Can I upgrade/downgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up.  We will work with you to try and get the most out of your advertising spend so you see a maximum return on your investment.  We do not downgrade services once a contract has been started however.  Because every campaign is different we meticulously craft the perfect strategy for you and removing some of those services could prove a detriment to the overall campaign.  We want to ensure your campaign is maximized at all times.

What happens if we dont see results?

When preparing your customized campaign we make every effort to ensure we are “ahead of the curve” when it comes to the digital marketing landscape.  If, in the very rare instance, the campaign is not seeing results we will alter our strategy and increase efforts at no additional cost to you.  We succeed only when you succeed!


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