We can help clean up or maintain a squeaky clean reputation online. We offer services that can push down negative websites from the first page of Google and a platform that can handle all of the most popular review sites in one easy to use interface!


Push Down Negative Press

Negative press or information can be effectively pushed off the first page of search engines which helps ensure positive branding for you or your organization.

Maintain Control Of Your Brand

Now more than ever people use search engines to research public figures, brands and products. We help you to control what those people see and help steer public opinion.

Piece Of Mind

Having our team in place to monitor, stategize and execute on your behalf you can focus on the important things like building your brand or organization.

Reputation Management By Synergist Digital Media

If you are a public figure or a business then a negative reputation online can severely hurt your brand. We are experts at pushing positive media to the forefront and pushing down the negativity out of view.

Online reputation management is also known as ORM for short is it’s all about enhancing a brand or restoring the positive public image of a brand or public figure. These days, when so much feedback about companies and individuals appears online, it’s vital to monitor/respond to feedback and push down negative press and media – while creating positive and ranking it on the first page of Google.

Why Reputation Management?

Bad reviews and other forms of negative feedback have the capacity to topple reputations and they also have the power to wreak havoc on the bottom lines of companies. This is why creating the perfect online reputation management strategy is so important – It’s all about neutralising the negative impact of unpleasant feedback. When online reputation management is performed correctly, it boosts credibility, re-builds trust with customers and re-enforces positive media and content.

Trusting your online reputation management to Synergist Digital Media is the best way to ensure that your personal or company brand is protected. We are here to help you control what is seen when a person uses a search engine, particularly Google. We know how to boost the best content, which strengthens brands, and how to push the worst content further down in search engine results, where it’s far less noticeable.

By helping you to make certain that your personal or corporate brand shines in every Google search, we provide a white glove concierge service. However, we don`t stop there!

We also help entrepreneurs and organizations from all niches to improve their online reputations, by responding to negative feedback with the highest level of etiquette and consideration. We know how to minimize the damage caused by bad reviews and other forms of unpleasant online content. Our experts utilize diplomacy, caring attitudes and years of experience in order to respond to negative feedback in a polite and professional manner. The careful responses which are created and posted by our online reputation management pros have the power to neutralize problems…fast!

Online reputation management is about vigilance and appropriate action. It requires time, energy, technical skills, special software and laser focus. If you don`t have time to handle online reputation management yourself, or fear making a mistake, our services may be the answer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take for the negative content to move off the first page of Google

The results from our reputation management campaigns depend largely on the level of difficulty of the websites we are contending with. For example, if a well-known public figure were to have negative press syndicated on websites like TMZ, MSN, New York Times, etc. it will take much more effort and time to replace those pages with positive press or content due to their authority in Google. On the other hand, however, if a person, brand or organization is smaller and more localized to a specific geo-graphical area it would take much less effort to achieve similiar results.

Do we get a report showing which sites the positive press and content is being posted to?

Yes!  Along with creating and optimizing social media sites of all kinds we also build new websites for your brand and post positive content to large and authoritative websites like the Huffington Post, Miami Herald and Chicago Tribune.  You will receive a report with the online properties we are posting to and or created so you can monitor the results.

How long of a service contract is required?

We offer 1 year contracts with renewal options every 12 months.

What are the costs for a reputation management campaign?

Prices start at $1,999 per month.

What happens if we dont see results?

Unfortunately this can happen as Google, Bing and Yahoo tend to change their algorithm several hundred times a year!  When preparing your customized campaign we make every effort to ensure we are “ahead of the curve” when it comes to the digital marketing landscape.  If, in the very rare instance, the campaign is not seeing results we will alter our strategy and increase efforts at no additional cost to you.  We succeed only when you succeed!


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