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NJ Search Engine Optimization services (NJ SEO services) – Is it right for your business?


It can be frustrating trying to find a reputable agency that will be effective in getting your website to the first page of Google. So many of them make unrealistic promises or don’t understand your industry.

Every day the competition gets harder as more businesses begin to realize the power and profitability being in the top 3 of the first page of Google. In fact, the top position in Google, on average, receives an average of 65% of all the clicks!

Because of this competitors are looking for ways to edge you out of the market by getting their brands in front of your audience.

We are a New Jersey based SEO Agency / Search Engine Optimization Experts and it allows us to garner a deep understanding of the North East markets. How individuals use search and what compels users to click. We can put that knowledge of search engine optimization to work so we can get you moving forward much faster than a typical national agency.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Synergist Digital Media as your NJ SEO Company!


1. 5-Star rated on Google, Yelp and Facebook – Our customer satisfaction and success is a top priority and our reviews reflect that.

2. Synergist Cloud – Our proprietary system aggregates metrics and data from various 3rd party platforms like Google Analytics and MOZ, it allows us to better see what is needed and create a more successful campaign tailored to your business or organizations needs.

3. We are local – Being based in New Jersey and Philadelphia means that we understand the local markets on a granular level which allows us to give additional insight to what will work for you. We never outsource!

4. Customized campaigns – Every business and organization is different so we take the time to structure and create campaigns that will drive relevant traffic to your website.

5. Over 15 years in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM) eco-system – We have been in the search marketing industry since the beginning and have evolved with the search engines. We make it a point to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate any changes before they happen!

What does a New Jersey SEO company (Search Engine Optimization) do, and why do you need one?


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of being found in a search engine unpaid or “organic” results vs. paid ads or Google AdWords. Having a website that is optimized for specific keywords relevant to your industry or niche will help determine where your business will rank in search engine results.

An average 93% of todays consumers use a search engine to look for products and services.

But, if you’re business or website is not online you’re missing out on the opportunity of being found by over 3 billion people who search the internet every single day!

Unlike Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long term play and results are not immediately seen. PPC will get you traffic as soon as the campaigns start where-as organic seo can take months and even years depending on the competition levels in the industry you’re in. Which is why we customize each clients campaigns to couple with ppc to maximize traffic and conversions.

Despite the time it takes to begin ranking for high profit keywords seo has been, and will continue to be, one of the highest returns on your investment for years to come.

When ppc ads are paused or turned off so is your traffic. Seo will continue driving traffic, as long as the campaigns were set up correctly, long after the work has been completed.

SEO plays a critical role in making your website rank in a search engine. When executed with other tactics such as search marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing, Using Synergist as your NJ SEO Company can be the best tool that you can use to improve your search ranking!

On-Site Search Engine Optimization / On-Site SEO


There are many facets when it comes to on-site seo and we employ many of them to help guarantee the best results and placements in SERP’s (search engine ranking pages). Over the years, through trial and error, many agencies and marketers have come together and agree that there are at least 200 ranking factors that make up a websites overall score.

While that can seem daunting (it usually is) we have figured out the best ways to utilize the most common factors into our clients websites that have achieved incredible results!

We’ve identified several of the major areas that we predict will be big players impacting search engine ranking factors with Google’s algorithm updates in 2018:


  • Page speed – If your site takes longer than 4 seconds to load you can pretty much guarantee a person will click back and go somewhere else. Page speed not only affects user experience but Google now uses it as a ranking factor. Optimizing your website to be fast and responsive will not only improve conversions but it will also help it rank higher. Google wants the best experience for their users and fast websites contribute to that.
  • Websites that are mobile-friendly – Since 2017 mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets have now taken more than 50% of all search traffic. If a website is not mobile ready Google will send it down lower in the SERP’s. Again, user experience is Googles first priority – so making your site mobile friendly should be your priority as well!
  • Secured sites (HTTPS vs. HTTP) – Over the past few years Google made an announcement that they were working toward a secure internet. Https means that a website is encrypted between your browser and the server the website you’re viewing. This helps to ensure a user’s activity cannot be tracked or their information stolen. Https also helps speed up websites along with gaining the trust of users knowing their information is secure.
  • Webpage content quality – Google wants sites to be of the highest quality in order to give users the best experience. This also goes for the content thats on your site. Google places much more weight on sites that have unique, detailed and long-form content. The more descriptive and helpful the content the better the chances of ranking higher for specific keywords along with a robust user experience.

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization / Off-Site SEO


Quality Backlinks – Links from other sites that connect to yours serve as an indicator to search bots as to what your website is about and to also signify the trust level. Essentially, if your site is about culinary arts and low quality/low trust/spammy/non-relevant sites are linking to yours then search bots won’t score your site very high. If sites with high authority and trust like the Food Network or All Recipes links to your culinary site you should definitely see an increase in rankings and traffic due to the high authority and trust levels of the aforementioned sites.

Social Signals – Social signals are individual interaction metrics on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Medium, etc.. Some examples of social signs are: likes, dislikes, shares, votes, hooks, views, etc. which often help showcase fame and affinity for a particular piece of content. Even though social media signals don’t have a direct impact on search rankings, they affect your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts in primarily four ways:

  • Improved online visibility and traffic to Your Site
  • Broader content distribution and more content lifespan
  • Improved local SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Broader content distribution and more content lifespan



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Local SEO NJ – It’s Growing Role In Search & It’s Importance

Local SEO NJ is a different strategy from regular organic optimization in that Google and other search engines are employing geo-tracking into the search results to better help the user by serving up local businesses and services.

Think of it like this. If you were to look up an electrician to install a new lighting system in your home – would you find more value in getting served up electricians that are within your geographical area or in a location hundreds of miles from you?

As Google places more value and importance on local seo you can guarantee that your competitors are already taking advantage of the ROI it provides which can hurt the traffic and profits of your business. Optimizing for local seo will help target the right customers and help them find you offline.

2020 Local Search Breakdown

Google My Business


Google My Business is a free platform that allows business owners and organizations manage their information across Google Search and Google Maps.

If you want your business to be found in Google you must set up your business listings page. It allows you to verify and edit your business information such as hours of operation, customer reviews, industries served, products carried, your physical location and much more!

Having a GMB (Google My Business) page is crucial  as its quickly become the foundation of NJ local seo campaigns and efforts.

After-all, when people are searching for specific products or services near them, it generally means that they are very low in the sales funnel and ready to purchase.

It’s imperative that your business shows up when people are searching Google by having a complete and accurate business listing.


NAP Links – Name, Address, Phone Number



One of the best ways to optimize for local seo would be to make sure your business listings are consistent.

Consistency is the most important factor (along with the number of how many directories you’re listed in – citations/backlinks) because if Google sees that the name/address/phone are exactly the same theres more trust and authority given which, in turn, increases the rank of a site.

It shows that the business owners are actively working to make sure they are seen by potential customers and the listings are accurate. A business that doesn’t have consistency across its listings will be devalued and won’t rank as high.

Using our proprietary cloud software we have the ability to check existing listings and make the necessary changes to ensure your business or website gets the optimization needed to begin ranking higher in search engines.


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While digital has been the marketing strategy of choice for companies today, this doesn’t imply that word of mouth is obsolete.

Online reviews are today’s word of mouth promotion, and they can make or break your company. Together with the interconnected network of digital channels at our hands, it’s easier than ever for clients or customers to tell others about their best (and worst) experiences.

Popular online review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor have existed for a long time and have extensive databases of information. Search engines like Google give favor to sites with a presence like this, so it’s not uncommon for a small company’s Yelp or even Facebook page to rank higher in search results than its actual website.

Each review on Yelp contains a whole star rating, and the average is rounded to the nearest half star (so a restaurant with a 3.24 average is shown with 3 stars, while 3.26 becomes a 3.5-star average). This matters, because that extra half-star will cause a restaurant to be fully booked 19% more often!

5-Star reviews will only help your online marketing efforts over the long term by establishing your business or organization as trust worthy and reliable.


Introducing “Synergist Cloud”!

The Synergist Cloud is our proprietary system that aggregates first class software as a service metrics and insights. Pulling data from sites like Google Analytics, MOZ, SemRush, Ahrefs and Majestic we can take all of the data and extract all of the valuable information.

We then send it through our software algorithm and create an average that allows us to cut down on noise and erronous data allowing for a more complete picture of competition levels, keyword difficulty and site health.

Learn more about the Synergist Cloud here

A NJ SEO Company That Gets Results!

By figuring out what is working and whats not for you and your competitors we can alter our approach by using the data metrics to maximize our efforts by customizing a strategy built to suit your individual needs.

Using third party analytical reporting we can see where the opportunities lie and further audit competitor advantages to make them work for you as well. Doing this gives us an incredible edge over other agencies and what helps us stand apart from other NJ SEO & Local NJ SEO companies and help you dominate your space online and offline with the use of our proprietary data cloud system!

Today more than ever your website is usually the first impression a potential customer or client will have of you and if you can’t be found in search results you can be rest assured that a competitor will capitalize on that opportunity.  Being on the first page of search engines, especially Google, conveys a strong message to users that you are established, authoritative and trustworthy.

A website that converts prospects to sales won’t happen unless you’re in front of the right audience.  So its important that like with any business investment, your site is measured and is carefully monitored by a team who understands what it takes to come out on top.


NJ SEO Consultants

Synergist Digital Media offers a full selection of New Jersey seo consultant services like:

to get you found by prospects and current customers.

SEO is a vital element to achieve online success. Its parameters change and it’s important to be adaptive and flexible . It is since it keeps changing, an ongoing and continuous process that requires attention.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to how many businesses dominate internet, grow, and sell. We are the NJ SEO company you have been looking for!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take to see a change in rankings and an increase in traffic?

Every website and industry is different so each client has different needs.  Due to varying competition levels based on industry, location and saturation we find that 7 months is the average time it takes to see the positive changes start to happen – some have seen an uptick in rankings as early as 4 months.  Organic SEO is a long term strategy that yields exceptional results when done correctly with our NJ SEO company.

Do we get a monthly report of our websites analytics and metrics?

Absolutely!  We pride ourselves with our integrity and the fact we keep everything transparent and available to you.  Our reporting tools are all 3rd party so theres no worry that the numbers are being changed in any way.  Its one of the many things we do that sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies. We are the premiere New Jersey SEO experts.

What type of service contracts do you have?

We offer 1 year New Jersey SEO services contracts with renewal options every 12 months.

Can I upgrade/downgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up.  We will work with you to try and get the most out of your advertising spend so you see a maximum return on your investment.  We do not downgrade services once a contract has been started however.  Because every campaign is different we meticulously craft the perfect strategy for you and removing some of those services could prove a detriment to the overall campaign.  Our NJ SEO experts look to ensure your campaign is maximized at all times.

What happens if we dont see results?

Unfortunately this can happen as Google, Bing and Yahoo tend to change their algorithm several hundred times a year!  When preparing your customized campaign we make every effort to ensure we are “ahead of the curve” when it comes to the digital marketing landscape.  If, in the very rare instance, the campaign is not seeing results our NJ SEO company will alter our strategy and increase efforts at no additional cost to you.  We succeed only when you succeed!

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NJ SEO Company & Expert Quick Tips:

After all your hard work, your websites SEO is finally ranking on the first page-fantastic! What’s next? While forgetting about your website and taking a vacation in the Bahamas might be appealing, you still need to maintain your ranking in the search engines and that takes effort. In the following article, knowledge is given on what can be done to maintain your rank in Google and other search engines.

Fresh Content/Pages: Search engines love sites that are updated on a regular basis; a stagnant site that doesn’t offer anything new to the visitors is not very valuable in the eyes of Google for the obvious reasons. If you would like to make sure that your website continues to rank well for your chosen keywords without risking damage to your inbound traffic then you should continue to add new content and pages to your site on a regular basis. When you allow your content to grow old you risk losing your relevance and usefulness. Updating your site on a regular basis won’t just make your site seem more credible and valuable but it should also give the search engine spiders reasons to keep visiting you. All of the search engines know quite well just how many pages and how much content there is in your website and will favor you if you update regularly. Also, remember to add lots of relevant internal links to your site as you add more content, because a strong internal linking structure is one of the factors that will help you maintain your rank.

Insert Your Keywords Where Needed: When your keywords aren’t placed properly throughout your webpages your overall rank could be affected. Basic places to use your chosen keyword is in your title, in your headlines and with your images (and others). So many website owners and IMers want to ignore this part of business even though they know that it is important. It is a lot easier for you to maintain your rank and outshine the competitors in your niche if you make sure that your keywords get inserted into all of the right places. While you may have built your website’s ranking using just the power of backlinks, it is still important to think about putting keywords into a few strategic places so that you won’t risk your ranking lowering.

Grow Your Awareness: The world of search engine optimization changes every day, which is why you shouldn’t lose focus and grow your awareness. Continue learning about SEO and keep yourself updated as best you can. Keeping your rank maintained is easier if you are aware of the updates happening and by doing what others aren’t. Stay active and focus your awareness, and you might find that only the smallest of actions can result in a solid stability for your websites position in Google and other search engines. Even though the search engines change their algorithms all the time nobody knows exactly what kind of changes they really make. To truly see SEO success you need to regularly be applying useful strategies and building backlinks to your site. Maintaining your position in Google and other search engines is all about getting the various factors right, like the ones we discussed in the above article.


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