Our custom Pay Per Click Google Adwords & Facebook campaigns will skyrocket your traffic, sales and leads with increased profits!

Fast Results

Our pay per click campaign strategies will fast track your traffic and leads almost immediately!

Reach Target Audience Fast

When the correct audience is targeted its only natural for leads and inquiries to increase and give you more opportunities to make more money!

Lazer Focused

You can customize your daily advertising spend more effectively by picking geo-graphical areas of interest and demographics of your target audience!


Synergist Digital Media will create and strategize custom pay per click campaigns to fit the needs of your business to help promote positive growth and increased profits.

Pay Per Click advertising is known by the acronym, PPC, and it’s a popular form of Web-based marketing, whereby advertisers pay fees whenever people click on their advertisements.

How will Pay Per Click Benefit My Business or Organization?

When we create your PPC campaigns, you’ll basically be purchasing visits to your website, rather than trying to drive traffc by increasing organic search engine rankings. PPC is a paid advertising gambit that successful online businesses believe in, it has a proven track record and this is why we believe in it too.

The competition for visibility in the search results is fierce, which is all the more reason that big brands should stake their claim as a presence to be reckoned with online. Alongside search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) can garner more real estate for your brand on the results page — and if you’re not there, your competition surely will be.  Plenty of smart and savvy business owners understand the inherent value of pay per click but they may not know how to design and implement this sort of digital marketing strategy. Design and implementation of this type of campaign is more complex than it seems and having a team of professionals like Synergist behind the design and execution is extremely important.

Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns are the most popular PPC campaigns with brands of all sizes and our team understands how to make pay per click initiatives shine! It’s all about designing wonderful ads which resonate with the right demographics. It’s an art and a science.

Our team has a deep understanding all of the variables and complexities of an array of PPC campaigns, via a host of online interfaces. We’ve been designing effective Google Adwords-based PPC campaigns and other types of PPC campaigns for our customers for years, with the goal to help them drive more traffic to their websites, convert more leads and dominate in their industry.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take to see an increase in traffic generated from the PPC campaign?

From the time we get approval of the ads and creative it takes less than 24 hours for the campaigns to go live and begin to run which means everytime someone clicks your ad it will send a potential lead or sale to your website.

Do we get a monthly report of our websites analytics and metrics?

Absolutely!  We pride ourselves with our integrity and the fact we keep everything transparent and available to you.  Our reporting tools are all 3rd party so theres no worry that the numbers are being changed in any way.  Its one of the many things we do that sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies.

What type of service contracts do you have?

We offer 3 month, 6 month and 12 month contracts.

Can I increase/decrease advertising spend after signing up?

Yes, you can increase at any time after signing up.  We will work with you to try and get the most out of your advertising spend so you see a maximum return on your investment.  You can also decrease spend if need be but because every campaign is different we meticulously craft the perfect strategy for you and decreasing your spend could prove a detriment to the overall campaign.  We want to ensure your campaign and budget is maximized at all times.

What happens if we dont see results?

Unfortunately this can happen as Google, Bing and Yahoo tend to change their algorithm several hundred times a year!  When preparing your customized campaign we make every effort to ensure we are “ahead of the curve” when it comes to the digital marketing landscape.  If, in the very rare instance, the campaign is not seeing results we will alter our strategy and increase efforts at no additional cost to you.  We succeed only when you succeed!


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