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5 Reasons Why SEO Is A Worthwhile Investment For Every Business Focused On Steady Growth, Increasing Sales & Long-Term Profitability

SEO remains the most misinterpreted and misunderstood term in the world of digital marketing. SEO’s unfair characterization as simply a kind of alchemy over the last ten year has caused many otherwise savvy entrepreneurs to devalue its importance as a cost effective, sales generating and solid marketing plan for both large businesses and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).


Before delving any further lets first understand what SEO is

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization; it refers to a set of tactics, strategies or methodologies used to obtain high rankings in search engines with efforts focusing on increasing the number of visitors to a website.


Why is this important for a Philadelphia business owner?

It simply means that apart from boosting search engine rankings, on-page SEO techniques are also a great way to substantially increase the quality of websites making them faster, user-friendly and extremely easy to navigate. We are equipped with knowledgeable and experienced experts who focus on optimal user experience while performing on and off page SEO tactics, which we believe is a sure shot in being handsomely rewarded with higher positioning, organic traffic, increased leads and increased profits.

· Here are 5 compelling reasons why SEO is a worthwhile investment for every entrepreneur focused on steady growth, increasing sales and long-term profitability

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1. SEO makes your website ubiquitous hence building the credibility and trust of your brand

Human beings intuitively sense that ranking first indicates being the best and this extends to search engine rankings. For instance a swimmer who wins the gold medal is considered a champion while bronze and silver winners are considered runners-up; the rest are not even considered important. Keep in mind that Google is trusted by most users hence ranking high automatically makes your brand seem more credible.

On the off-chance that your business is already successful despite not having a high ranking on search engines, imagine how much more profit you would be earning if you rank higher and are able to reach those extra clients and make additional sales. As a business in an aggressively competitive Philadelphia market, you need to keep in mind that if you are not there then your competitors definitely are!

SEO is one of the most reliable ways of making your brand stronger and dominating your industry. We are committed to ensuring that your website conveys an enormously powerful statement that will strengthen your brand and help communicate a message that is in line with your strategic business objectives (this way prospects will believe you are the best and more clicks will convert to actual sales).

2. SEO is a long-term market strategy that will not stop working any time soon no matter changes in algorithm

Any business owner can attest to how frustrating it is to invest in technology that quickly becomes redundant. You can be rest assured that despite algorithm changes by search engines, the right SEO techniques will always be viable. Organic SEO techniques are not solely focused on merely boosting your rankings; they are also focused on helping you build a high quality website that appeals to readers. On some level, even video and audio searches ultimately depend on keywords just like traditional text-based content; this crucial link is what affirms the continued success of SEO strategies.

3. Numerous reliable studies have concluded that Search Engine Optimization has one of the best ROI’s (Returns on Investment) in digital advertising.

Most entrepreneurs sadly have no idea that implementing the right SEO techniques has a higher return rate than pretty much all traditional forms of advertising (both digital and offline). This is mostly because search engine optimization is basically an inbound marketing tactic which allows you to directly market to people who are actively looking for the services or products that you offer.
We use highly targeted SEO tactics, down to minor details to ensure we specifically attract relevant traffic that has high conversion potential. We also use metrics such as keyword analysis to ascertain exactly how big your market is and the number of people looking for services or products your business or organization may offer.

4. SEO techniques can be customized to fit your specific needs

Even if your current SEO strategies are not bearing fruit - they can be adjusted, tweaked and refined so it meets your specific marketing needs. Most entrepreneurs insist that they have tried SEO but it has failed, failure is an indication that something needs to be done differently and this is why it is always advisable to use us as your Philadelphia SEO experts.

Instead of neglecting SEO why not outsource it to a reputable and reliable digital marketing agency like Synergist Digital Media? The right Philadelphia SEO Company will work 24/7 year round to ensure your website is of high-quality and ranks high in Google.

In a nutshell, you can trust us to eliminate surprises and provide constant and reliable search results that will enhance the visibility of your brand online. Furthermore, you will have more time and peace of mind to focus your efforts in other productive and sales generating activities.

5. The right SEO techniques are rooted in user intent and beats paid traffic

Most entrepreneurs who are aware of SEO already use paid traffic such as Google Adwords and other PPC advertising successfully. However, what most don’t know is that SEO is king; it still drives 75% of search traffic. Exclusively focusing on PPC ignores the large hidden component of the iceberg which is search traffic; it is also more expensive as compared to organic SEO.

Just think about it, if dominating only 25% of the overall traffic for certain keywords can yield a significant increase in traffic and sales just imangine what a 75% increase could do!

Proper SEO techniques are always aligned with the intent of a searcher. This way you will be able to meet your audience half way with perfectly framed and targeted messages that will appeal to their specific interests and deliver a viable solution.


Reliable studies have stated that 80-90% of your customers now check online when trying to choose who to purchase from and the number is expected to rise in the coming years. Let us help you get your website ranked high in Google so you can increase traffic, revenue and ROI faster than ever before!


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